Seymeval, S.L. as a manufacturer and marketer of electrical and lighting protection and measurement equipment, establishes through its Manager a quality policy in its declaration consisting of:

"QUALITY understood as the maximum satisfaction of our customers above all else, because their loyalty is our biggest concern.

Serve the customer on the date the product requested, is essential for the proper functioning of the organization and therefore we strive every day to meet the expectations deposited by our customers.

This quality policy is aimed at achieving and maintaining leadership through the quality obtained in the work carried out, always in an environment of absolute and constant responsibility.

We will achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients, a fact that is our main concern and for this we will demonstrate our ability to comply with all the requirements of our clients, including the applicable legal and regulatory ones, before the formalization of the contracts.

The quality policy of Seymeval, S.L. It serves as a basis for establishing and reviewing your quality objectives and as part of continuous improvement. Seymeval, S.L. Its main objective is to give maximum satisfaction to customers, meeting the requirements established by it, as well as legal and regulatory, as a starting point towards continuous improvement.